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Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye Burst Pull Smoke Grenade


Twin vented, super fast output is probably the best description for the Enola Gaye Burst Smoke Grenade.   Please Note:  Each shipment of Smoke grenade(s) will be an additional $25.00 hazardous shipping fee on top of regular shipping (Ground...

Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye CM75 Military Smoke Grenade


Our biggest smoke device is the new Cloud Maker series which delivers huge quantities of smoke, more than any other product that we manufacture. The SD75 is a fast output version of the CM75, emitting a huge cloud of smoke in just over 90 seconds...

Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenade


The EG18X Military Smoke Grenade is a top of the range smoke product that has the highest output in our range. Similar in appearance to our EG18 Smoke Grenade, the EG18X performs completely different. We have packed in more composition and given it a...

R150+ Long Range Firing System

$170.00 $149.99

Experience the ultimate control of your Home Fireworks Display! The R150+ Long-Range Firing System is an advanced Remote Ignition System for Consumer Fireworks or Smoke Grenades, featuring plug-and-play operation and a 150 meter wireless range!   ...

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Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye WP40 Wire Pull Smoke Grenade


Yellow Smoke brings mustard gas to the game fields without the actual effects of the real thing! Our Wire Pull Yellow Smoke Grenade is a favourite game field smoke product and used on many of the top paintball and airsoft fields across Europe as standard...