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0.50 Cal Paintballs 250CT JAR / White Fill


Premium .50 caliber paintballs. Jar of 250 paintballs. Round and consistent. Thick, white fill. Works in all .50 caliber Paintball markers including Umarex HDR50 Revolver and Tippmann TMC .50 Cal       Please Note: Shell colour may differ...

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BT M-8 Paintball Grenade


The BT Paint Grenade has been specially designed and "Battle Tested" to perform exceptionally in the field. The BT grenade is very unique as it is the only paint grenade to use the RPS paintball fill as its marking compound. This bright fill material...

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Product information:  2000 Count BEST USE: Professional Grade FILL: Empire Performance - Thick / neon SHELL: Empire Advantage BEST SYSTEM: Low Pressure Shoot what the pros shoot. All-Star™ Paintballs were designed specifically for the...




Product information:  2000 Count BEST USE: Recreational FILL: Empire Select SHELL: Regular BEST SYSTEM: All This performance oriented, two-tone metallic ball continues to be a premier field ball and a hot choice for local and regional events...




Product information:  2000 Count BEST USE: Tournament Grade FILL: Thick / Neon BEST SYSTEM Features: Low Pressure The innovative Empire Advantage Technology to keep balls flying straight and always breaking on target. These perfect...




  BEST USE: Field Paint / Intermediate FILL: Empire Performance SHELL: Empire Advantage BEST SYSTEM: All Features: The paint that set the industry standard for accuracy and reliable performance continues its tradition today. Empire Premium®...


GXG Z-Ball (500 Round Re-Ball)


- The GenX Global Z balls are rubber like .68 caliber balls designed to simulate paintballs- They are perfect for target practice without the expense of paint- They are safe for guns, barrels and hoppers-If they get dirty simply rinse them off with...

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Tippmann Big Boy Pull Pin Paintball Grenade


The newly redesigned Tippmann Big Boy Pull Pin Paintball Grenade provides you with that realistic look and feel for a grenade. The Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade is the most reliable in the industry, and has superior marking paint and coverage.Features:- Pull...

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Valken V-Tac Paint Grenade


The new V-Tac Paintball Grenade has a bright fill to mark your opponents! The super-reliable discharge ensure no more bouncing grenades that don't go off, and the self-propelled spinning action disperses paint over a large burst radius, soaking nearby...

Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye Burst Pull Smoke Grenade


Twin vented, super fast output is probably the best description for the Enola Gaye Burst Smoke Grenade.   Please Note:  Each shipment of Smoke grenade(s) will be an additional $25.00 hazardous shipping fee on top of regular shipping (Ground...

Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye CM75 Military Smoke Grenade


Our biggest smoke device is the new Cloud Maker series which delivers huge quantities of smoke, more than any other product that we manufacture. The SD75 is a fast output version of the CM75, emitting a huge cloud of smoke in just over 90 seconds...