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BT-4 Spring Kit


BT 5 Spring Kit (fits BT-4 Only). This kit includes 5 springs with different tensions so you easily tune your BT-4 series marker and get it shooting at the velocity you want.

Currently out of stock.


Exalt Vitamin “G” Grease


Features: Synthetic long lasting formula prevents o-ring wear, swelling and deterioration Provides the lowest coefficient of friction to reduce & eliminate bolt stick & first shot drop off (FSDO) Needle nose cap reduces waste and contamination...

Currently out of stock.


Hater Sauce Lubricant Jar (1oz)


Massive container. More than double volume of the small Hater Sauce. Hater Sauce sports the slickest consistency of any lubricant used in paintball markers today. In most markers, the user can dramatically reduce the LPR pressure of their marker when...

Currently out of stock.