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JT SplatMaster


JT SplatMaster Marksman Target


Top paintball players practice all the time. With the JT SplatMaster Marksman Target you can too! The JT SplatMaster Marksman Target stands over 3 feet tall, and uses a ground spike drive it into the ground. Using modular takes, the JT...

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JT SplatMaster Optix Mask


With the JT SplatMaster Optix Mask you can rest assured that your eyes are completely covered and safe from paintball impacts. The JT SplatMaster Optix Mask meets or exceeds the regulated ASTM safety standards for eye protection against JT...

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JT SplatMaster z200 Paintball Shotgun

$55.99 $42.00

The JT SplatMaster z200 Paintball Shotgun has a smooth, quick pump action and is able to hold up to 15 rounds of ammo. Able to shoot accurately up to 50 feet, and launch paintballs over 100 feet, the JT SplatMaster z200 Paintball Shotgun keeps...

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