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First Strike

First Strike Adjustable Riser Rail


The FS Adjustable Riser offers universal rail mounting on the top and sides. The FS Riser adjusts a total of 9 degrees to compensate for ball drop. This allows to you to configure the vertical angle of your scope to keep you on target at different...

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First Strike

First Strike Tri Riser Rail


The First Strike Tri-Riser Riser fits all First Strike Rifles. FEATURES/SPECS Features 4 Adjustable Side Mount Rails Maximizes Usable Space Universal Rail Mount Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction Ultra Durable Hard-Coat Anodized

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M16 Shroud Rail


The Petrol M16 Shroud Rail is designed to fit on your M16 Shroud and give you a mounting platform for foregrips, bipods, and optic accessories. This accessory is perfect for the BT Omega, the Tippmann Bravo Tactical, and the Petrol A5 M16 Barrel Kit...

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