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Paintball Extravaganza 2016

Posted by Alex "Too Tall" MacLeod, Kate-Lynn Lupo & Garner Lupo on

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Milsig Maxim II: Tempest Live Blog

Defcon Paintball is proud to announce we will be hosting Milsig Maxim II at our Mississauga location on Saturday December 12th. At the first Maxim event Milsig unveiled the highly anticipated M17 SMG. For the second round of Maxim, Milsig will be showing off their new SMG Drum Magazine, which can hold a capacity of [...]

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Holiday Buyers Guide: Entry Level Paintball Guns

Holiday Buyers Guide: Entry Level Paintball Guns Are you looking to get into paintball? Perhaps you wish to buy a paintball marker as a gift this holiday season?. With the number of markers available, the task of deciding which one ,can be daunting. Do I choose mechanical or electronic operation. While it [...]

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HK Army TFX Loader

HK Army TFX Loader The HK TFX is arguably one of the most impressive products to be released this year, it is a brand new addition to HK Army’s growing product lineup. Though the HK TFX is a new player in the high-end loader game, it comes packed with tons of interesting features that are going to allow [...]

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​Breaking news: Tippmann TCR Official Canadian Launch

                  The long wait is finally over for the new Tippmann TCR Magfed marker. This is Tippmann's newest entry into the magfed industry. Defcon Paintball will have the TCR available for demo and display Sunday March 1st 2015 at our Toronto Location. The event kicks off at 1:00pm. [...]

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2015 Paintball Extravaganza Live Blog

We kick off our live coverage February 24, 2015 at 9:30am from the floor at Paintball Extravaganza. All the top industry leaders will be showing casing their latest products. Get ready, its going to be an amazing event.  Paintball Extravaganza was first held in 2005, with just 18 exhibitors and 36 dealers. Word of the [...]

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Breaking News: Milsig Product Announcement

We are LIVE. Milsig is expected to make several new product announcements. Stay tuned, we will post updates the second they become available live from the unveiling event.  (function() { var lb24 = document.createElement('script'); lb24.type = 'text/javascript'; lb24.id = '24lbScript'; lb24.async = true; lb24.charset="utf-8"; lb24.src = '//v.24liveblog.com/embed/24.js?id=1283986'; (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(lb24);})();

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High Pressure Air (HPA) VS C02

Many players buying their first marker setup are unfamiliar with which pressure system they should be using with their markers. That is to say it is a choice between HPA (High Pressure Air) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Many experienced players share the opinion that HPA is an overall better choice but are not [...]

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Top 5 paintball masks

Many would argue that in paintball your choice of mask is much more crucial than your choice of marker. If you're a new player just getting in to paintball, or if you're an experienced paintballer who is in the market for a new mask, here is a short list (in no particular order) of some [...]

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Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Cronus, Tippmann's latest entry-level marker, is an easy to use, reliable and affordable choice for many paintballers. If you're just getting into the sport of paintball and you're considering what your first marker you should be, you really cant go wrong with a Cronus. The solid construction Tippmann is famous for will keep [...]

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